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Bunker Builder Simulator – Announcement of Bunker Making Management Software

I post Game mode me Game incubator, with the developer Hyper studio have announced a new management system, Bunker Construction Simulator, starring those impregnable underground fortresses that are, precisely, bunkers. For the occasion, the announcement trailer was published, which you can see at the bottom of the news and also shows an undoubted graphic quality. The game is coming to PC, but there is no release period yet.

This is the description of the game through the steam page.

Win contracts, build, equip and decorate bunkers in this addicting builder. Watch your designs come to life to bring safety and comfort to your customers!

Dig a hole! Most of your contracts will take place in the client’s gardens. Building a bunker will require a stable foundation made from the materials of your choice. The duration of your entire project will depend on this choice.

The game will provide you with many tools that you can use to do your job efficiently. You will have to cut, weld, plaster, and these are just some of the tasks that await you. Over time, you will acquire better tools that allow you to work faster, which means taking more contracts and getting rich faster.

You will have access to a wide range of articles that adapt to the needs of your customers. Furniture, trusses, kitchen appliances, board games, and many, many others.

You can watch the Bunker Builder Simulator announcement trailer below.