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Businessmen from La Laguna will be in Congress today to demand a better budget, El Siglo de Torreón

Businessmen from La Laguna will be in Congress today to demand a better budget, El Siglo de Torreón

The alternative proposal to the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for fiscal year 2022, presented by the Legislative Alliance “Va por México”, seeks greater benefits for Coahuila in terms of the economic reactivation that the entity maintains, informed the federal deputy, Shamir Fernández Hernandez.

In a meeting with a group of lagoon businessmen, he reported that the parliamentary fractions are requesting to cut resources to the mega works of the federal government in the Mexican southeast and those resources are assigned to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi) and the Strengthening Fund for Security (Fortaseg), which represents around 150 billion pesos.

The discussion of the Budget of Expenditures of the Federation began on Tuesday in the legislature and yesterday the federal deputies received the visit of mayors from different cities of the country who demanded more resources.

For today the visit of representatives of chambers and business organizations of the Lagunera region is scheduled, which seek to balance the allocation of budget items.

The Coahuila legislator said he was convinced that the draft Budget of Expenditures of the Federation for 2022, as presented by the President of the Republic, does not meet the Mexico of today.

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That is why the deputies of the Alianza Va por México, yesterday presented an alternative proposal, in which spending is privileged for economic growth, support for women and youth, as well as more resources for safety and to guarantee the health of all Mexicans.

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In order to strengthen collaboration with businessmen, Shamir Fernández reported on the legislative actions that he has undertaken in favor of citizens and said that he will continue working on the construction of agreements with private initiative, Well, without a doubt, the sum of efforts can make a difference, he said..