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Buy PS5: Prime as an insider: locate it for the new consoles


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In the new week there is hope for new consoles on Amazon. To really get a PS5, Prime is insider advice.

Updated on 03/12/2022 at 8:54 am: Calendar week 10 is coming to an end and sadly the rumors that Amazon might ship new PS5 consoles turn out to be false. Earlier in the week, rumors swirled that the online retailer might deliver supplies on Wednesday. Amazon’s Prime subscription in particular was once again an insider tip to secure a PS5. But unfortunately, all the excitement was in vain, because so far the big “drop” has not happened.

Can we expect new PS5 consoles on Amazon next week? Given that Amazon hasn’t been able to sell PlayStation 5s for a long time, but new consoles are popping up in current deals, the chances of a replenishment might not actually be bad. If you want to increase your chances here, you should definitely have one. Amazon Prime Membership* to think.

Update from 03/11/2022 at 09:25: Although we do not like to say it, the replacement of PS5 consoles on Amazon unfortunately will not happen this Friday either. So far there has been no “Prime Notice” and it is likely to remain so. So you shouldn’t expect any PS5 supplies for the weekend.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Writes stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
break free November 19, 2020

Update of 03/10/2022, 09:00 am: We don’t like to do it, but today we have to disappoint you. The PS5 restocking at Amazon is also not likely to happen this Thursday. The “Head Notice” that reliably announced PS5 crashes in the past has yet to appear. Therefore, it is very unlikely that new consoles will be sold on Amazon. If this changes, we will let you know immediately.

Update of 03/09/2022, 11:55 am: The magical time of PS5 deliveries is over. The PlayStation 5 can be purchased from Amazon between 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Apparently a few lucky people were able to secure a PlayStation 5 on Amazon Spain, but the contingent was probably limited there too. However, we are sure: there will be no more PS5 supplies from Amazon today. But there is hope of a sale in the next few days.

Buy PS5: Amazon drop on Wednesday remains unfulfilled; there is still hope for supplies

Because the “Currently Unavailable” note, which normally indicates that there are currently no consoles available on Amazon, has been secretly stolen from the PS5 store page. Many users report: just an hour ago, the notice was stamped under the exhausted console. Now it’s gone. However, speculation about what that could mean for the PS5 revival varies widely. But the same applies here: the mere fact that something is happening on the Amazon site gives hope of a possible drop in the coming days.

Update of 03/09/2022, 10:30 am: So far, Amazon has been stagnant. The PS5 could only be purchased today at the Italian branch of the shipping giant. Meanwhile, as expected, Spain has also done the same. A few minutes ago there was a notice that Prime customers will soon be able to go on strike. If you want to get a PS5 by any means, use the shipping option to Germany here as well. Amazon Spain could be up and running in just a few minutes.

However, the German players are left stranded. The PlayStation 5 replenishment scheduled for today has not materialized so far. This is particularly tragic because statistics suggest that the next drop probably won’t take place until next week. After all, Wednesday tends to be the golden day for PlayStation supplies.

Update of 03/09/2022, 09:20 am: Amazon Italy presents. The PS5 was available for purchase there a few minutes ago, but apparently only in small quantities. The consoles sold out just seconds after the start of the sale. For Amazon Germany, however, that doesn’t mean much overall. In the past, a sale in Germany could rarely be predicted from a drop in European countries. Instead, continue to pay attention to the “Prime Note”, which, however, will still be a long time coming.

Buy PS5: the rumors are overflowing: console replenishment on Amazon on Wednesday?

Update of 03/09/2022, 08:32: The well-known “Prime Notice” is not yet visible on Amazon. This is a sure sign that console supplies will soon be available on Amazon. That doesn’t mean today’s supposed Amazon crash is off the table, but it does make it more unlikely. If anything happens to the PS5 on Amazon, we’ll let you know right away.

First report of 08.03.2022: Hamburg – It’s been years since gamers had the chance to buy a new Sony PS5. Now the rumor mill is finally stirring again. If you believe the rumor, the launch of the console could already be March 9. It’s all supposed to take place at Amazon, the retailer of everything. But what are the chances of the Sony PS5 being restocked on Amazon? We have broken down the current delivery location for you.

When was the last time the Sony PS5 was for sale on Amazon? Amazon just skipped all of February to restock the Sony PS5. The players have been dry for over a month. The last actual PS5 delivery on Amazon was on January 19. At that point, as is usual with Amazon, you could get a decent number of consoles, if you went fast enough. As always, the Sony PS5 quickly sold out on Amazon.

What is the current status of the Sony PS5 on Amazon? While all other PS5 dealers are currently pretty quiet, rumors about Amazon are ramping up. If you believe what’s swimming in the soup, gamers can expect a PS5 drop on Amazon on Wednesday. There is currently no information on the alleged size of the replacement sale. It is currently difficult to say if there is any truth to the rumour.

Buy PS5: Good chances of restocking consoles on Amazon

When will the Sony PS5 be available for purchase on Amazon again? Nothing is official, of course, but we think it’s quite realistic that there could be a PS5 drop on Amazon on Wednesday. If anyone breaks the PS5 drought, it’s mega-retailer Amazon. Furthermore, Sony’s sales expectations speak of massive PS5 supplies in March. Also, there is usually a one-month gap between PS5 releases on Amazon. This time, of course, has also expired.

Buy PS5: Amazon with mega sale: replenishment only for Prime members


If it’s really about the sale of supplies, Amazon should probably sell these PS5 contingents between 09:00 and 10:00 am This is usually the core time of the retailer, at other times, Amazon rarely sells. It’s also important to know that you’ll most likely need a Prime membership to purchase the console. It was the same with previous PS5 drops. But fortunately it is possible Try Amazon Prime for free* – So you can be there even without a paid membership.

If you’re also interested in the status of the PlayStation 5 at other console vendors, take a look at our PS5 ticker. Here we inform you daily about the current supply status and the current availability of the Sony PS5. Check it out if you’re looking for a PlayStation 5. *Affiliate link

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