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Buyers in the US are said to be getting Metal Blocks instead of the RTX 4090


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Even if you manage to buy an Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090, it doesn’t have to arrive intact. One such case is currently going viral on Reddit, with a Newegg customer claiming to have received metal blocks instead of the coveted GPU.

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 was released a few days ago, but the availability of the new flagship GPU leaves a lot to be desired, as in previous generations. An American customer of the online platform Newegg currently has to painfully experience that even an official purchase of the RTX 4090 does not necessarily lead to success, as he claims on Reddit.

User “NuclearInnardsBeep” was supposedly able to get their hands on one of the online retailer’s coveted RTX 4090s. After discovering the first packaging damage and beginning to take photos of the product in response to a complaint, the user heard a loud click coming from the packaging. Upon opening the box, he discovered that the RTX 4090 he had purchased was completely missing; instead, only the metal blocks shown in the image were found.

The user himself has already contacted Newegg about it. Instead of receiving a fix to the problem, the associated Newegg customer account was summarily locked, prompting “NuclearInnardsBeep” to post the case on Reddit, much to the amusement of others, he says. In the meantime, the case has gone viral with more than 66,000 votes in favor and 3,600 comments that, in addition to useful advice on how the user can get his RTX 4090 or get his money back, also attracts numerous skeptics who really do not want to believe the history.

Even the hardware experts at Gamers Nexus have now gotten involved: in a cheep He said they are in contact with Newegg and are currently investigating the case. A story update should follow soon; Meanwhile, Gamers Nexus offers the user to buy the metal blocks to use in the next video.

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