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Bye Week Madden Simulation: Can Detroit Lions Just Win the Game?

Bye Week Madden Simulation: Can Detroit Lions Just Win the Game?

I’m very tired of losing.

The· Detroit Lions He lost 14 of the last 16 games and finally got off a double-digit skid in Arizona a few weeks ago, but the relief was short-lived.The· Lions I went home the next week and became humble about the breakdown New Orleans Saints team.

Our spirit is not even saved by the weekly Madden simulations. Last week it was closest to a virtual win as Lions took the lead late. saint.. However, Drew Brees and the virtual New Orleans attack ran down the field for the final touchdown, sealing the virtual Lions’ unwinning streak in a goodbye week.

Goodbye week. Some people may take the opportunity to take a break from Lions and lose, but I don’t do that. Every week is a new opportunity and this week we will end this non-victory drought.

Fight the worst teams in Madden against the Virtual Detroit Lions. New York Jets.. Lions have a total rating of 80.The· jet We intend to put Lions in perfect health, and we may ruin jets to make them even worse.

Even if it’s not a real team, we need to see Lions win to boost morale, and we stack decks in their favor. And what is the first team to beat the AFC enemies who spiraled this Matt Patricia team from the first week?

Please join us Saturday 10:30 am EST on Twitch channel, I see some fake lions take on fake jets as I answer some of your questions.