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Call of Duty: Mobile raised $ 10 billion in 2020 alone - Games

Call of Duty: Mobile raised $ 10 billion in 2020 alone – Games

According to the financial results of the company, which is owned by Tencent

Tencent’s investment in TiMi Studios for the development of Call of Duty: Mobile appears to have been the right decision, as according to a Reuters post, the successful mobile title development company had revenue of $ 10 billion for 2020.

The article goes on to say that such sums make the studio one of the largest companies in the field. At this point, Reuters doesn’t provide exact details as to why it’s considered one of the biggest studios, but compared to Activision Blizzard, which raised $ 8.09 billion, the additional two billion from TiMi are a big deal.

TiMi may not be a household name to many, but its games attract large numbers of players every day. Call of Duty: Mobile made its biggest debut in a mobile title when it launched in October 2019, surpassing 100 million downloads in just one week of release. Honor of Kings, also owned by TiMi and only available in China, had 100 million daily active users in November 2020.

With such amounts, it makes sense that there is no rest for both companies, with TiMi hiring for a new AAA title reminiscent of the virtual community of Ready Player One, which will become its own metaverse just like Fortnite.

Tencent’s physical investments in the US continue, as the company intends to open a TiMi branch in Los Angeles and in 2015 completed the acquisition of Riot Games. Also in 2012, it bought 40% of Epic Games and eventually owns the Lightspeed & Quantum studio developed by PUBG Mobile, which recently surpassed 1 billion downloads worldwide.

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