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Can I take a number?  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 108MP camera compared to 20.2MP Canon 1DX II

Can I take a number? Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 108MP camera compared to 20.2MP Canon 1DX II

Photographer Kevin Raposo decided to show how the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s built-in camera is comparable to the Canon 1DX II professional DSLR. Recall that only one wide-angle module of the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a resolution of 108 megapixels, while the resolution of the only image sensor installed in the Canon 1DX Mark II is 20.2 megapixels. Can Canon’s full-frame camera keep up with Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, despite being vastly outnumbered in megapixels?

Kevin does not dictate his opinion. In the video, viewers are encouraged to try to independently determine which camera captured each of the images in six pairs. Along with the snapshot, a 1: 1 scale snippet is displayed on the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera is equipped with EGF 13, 26, 72 and 240mm lenses. For the Canon camera, the most similar lenses in this parameter were chosen.

To provide a more accurate comparison, the images were not processed. More precisely, the images taken by the Canon camera had the same color as the images taken by the smartphone. Pictures taken with the smartphone were only cropped.

In the second half of the video, its author explains why there will always be a fundamental difference between a tiny sensor on a smartphone and a full-frame sensor on a camera (the difference in area is 12 times), which is amplified by the difference. in glasses.

Of course, a higher resolution has its advantages, but it is wrong to associate it with a higher quality, to which consumers are pressured by manufacturers who only highlight the resolution of all camera parameters.

If you haven’t tried to determine which camera the photos were taken with, please stop, because below is the answer.

So in the first pair, the image captured by the Galaxy S21 Ultra is on the right, on the second, on the left, on the third, on the right, on the fourth, on the right, on the fifth, on the left, in the sixth – to the right.

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