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Can you solve today's math puzzle?

Can you solve today’s math puzzle?

Also today we offer you a test to train your brain. Solve this complicated math puzzle and guess the age of the brother.

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here is the try it seems very easy but that really requires all your concentration. Don’t give me a hasty answer, take the time to think the answer is not as obvious as it seems.

Before moving on to the test and its solution, we want to dedicate a few words to the importance of these games that seem to have only the purpose of entertaining you but in reality they do much more for your brain health: they maintain it active and trained. Just as the body needs physical activity to stay healthy, the brain is metaphorically a muscle that needs to be strengthened with training.

To do your daily brain training you can spend a few minutes of your time playing: crosswords, math puzzles, riddles, picture tests and differences, all are very useful to strengthen your brain by making new connections.

Thanks to playful stimulation, you will help your brain to be more active and receptive in processing information.

Games like sudoku or chess are very stimulating for the brain, which learns to stay focused longer. In addition, the brain will acquire the ability to become familiar with complex situations and to focus on solutions rather than problems.

Finally, stimulating your logic skills and finding the correct solutions activates yours. reward system and increase yours self esteem.

And do not forget that the playful factor of the game makes you learn all these things and encourages you.

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And now let’s move on to this math puzzle that has literally divided web users.

Quiz: how old is the younger brother?

sibling age test
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Before answering this seemingly easy question, you need to take stock of the situation.

Anyone who is proficient in math will find this test fun. This puzzle has divided internet users who essentially provided two answers, few of whom managed to guess the correct answer.

This is the problem you will need to solve:

“When I was 4 years old, my brother was half my age. I am 18 now. How old is my brother? “

Think carefully about the answer and don’t forget appeal to logic.

Did you understand what the correct answer is?

If you answered 9:

You are one of the people who gave a hasty answer and did not use your logical skills. The answer is not 9, it is actually 16.

If you answered 16:

He guessed the correct answer and didn’t fall for it.

Don’t you understand why the correct answer is 16?

The two brothers have one 2-year age difference. So if the older brother is 18, you just need to subtract this number to solve the problem.

Did you like this test? Then you will love this series of quick puzzles to tickle your logic. The answers they are very simple.

Quick puzzles to stimulate your logic skills

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1- If you don’t break it first you can’t use it, what is it?

2- When I am young I am tall, when I am old I am short. What are they?

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3- On the hill there is a one-story house where everything is yellow: you can see the walls, windows and even the yellow doors and furniture. Now tell me: what color are the stairs?

4- It can be broken without lifting or touching it, what is it?

5- What gets wet during drying?

6- It is raining outside, a man begins to walk in the rain without an umbrella and yet not a single hair on his head is wet. How is it possible?

7- I use the razor every day but my bard is always the same. What are they?

8- I have a head, foot and four legs, what are they?

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