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Car Safety Measures: Safety Measures You Should Take When Traveling By Road |  Trends

Car Safety Measures: Safety Measures You Should Take When Traveling By Road | Trends

During the December and January season the Ministry of Transport confirmed that more than ten million cars will be mobilized on the country’s main highways.

Due to this large flow of travelers during the holiday and party season, inspections should be taken into account to your car or motorcycle, in order to have a safe trip.

1. Before starting, plan your trip in advance and know the best routes. This could mean less fuel consumption and money savings.

Also, perform the Basic inspections to your vehicle, fluid levels (water, oil, brake fluid).

2. Before moving the vehicle, check the underside for any leaks. Check the condition of the tires and their pressure level.

3. During the trip, if you find yourself in slow traffic, stop the engine and consider opening the windows instead of using the air conditioning, this could help reduce fuel consumption.

4. Always carry your complete road kit and your first aid kit, check that the implements are not expired.

5. Drive with peace of mind, avoid sudden accelerations and keep a safe distance between cars.

6. Check the fuel level of your vehicle before starting any trip.

7. Inspect the condition and proper operation of the lightsIf necessary, go to the car workshop.

8. Tanking your vehicle very early or at night will allow you to save, because when it is hot, the gas expands and takes up more space, for this reason, the same amount of gasoline does not fit, but if the filling is done slowly and one waits for the evacuation to take place, in the end the operation is almost complete, they assure from Fedebiocombustibles.

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