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Carlos Beltran now deserves a second chance


I always believe in giving a second chance, which is true of two of the three criminals involved in the Houston Astros-shaking baseball fraud scandal.

AJ HinchThe main culprit of the scandal, has a second chance to take on the management position with the Tigers. today, Alex cora I got another chance and came back to the Red Sox dugout.

However, Coke was in turmoil and was in a temporary dormant state, always thought to return to Boston as a favorite of players and many fans after the 2018 World Series title.

Carlos Beltran, The third criminal is very quiet. Bertrand hasn’t been seen or heard after Mets was involved in this turmoil thinking he had a manager.

Which one leads to the fan’s favorite Bertrand? Does he deserve another chance? As the situation approaches, Bertrand is also in the midst of a scandal, led by Hinchi and Cola. Of course, you should have a second chance.

However, Mets moved from Carlos Beltran. Luis Rojas As a manager, I have a multi-year contract and it is unfair to evaluate the new season. He needs 162 game seasons to evaluate his future.

Anyway, baseball players have seen the development of this week, employment Hinch and Coke have shown their willingness to offer a second chance. And Carlos Beltran is no exception.

He deserves that second chance. But that doesn’t happen to Mets as a manager right now. Perhaps the sale of Steve Cohen to Mets in the book leaves room for Carlos Beltran as a coach, advisor, or front office.

According to sources on Friday, Sandy Alderson is ready to evaluate the roster by combining free agent movements with a few pieces. However, the situation at GM Brody van Wagenen is uncertain. That is first and foremost.

Sources also said Alderson respects Carlos Beltran’s baseball spirit. Therefore, consider that second chance and the possible role of Carlos Beltran under the new hierarchy of Citi Field.

Remember that Bertrand was caught in the middle of the Championship Astros team. And in the middle was Alex Cora, a Hinch bench coach. It was another nightmare for the Mets baseball when the development of Bertrand was unfolded in January.

Some sort of closure was Luis Rojas’ anointing. The closure of Carlos Beltran will give him a second chance with Mets. It has always been believed, but the former and beloved Mets were victims of the situation.

Beltran signed a three-year contract and was featured before the media gathered at Citi Field.

Carlos Beltran was subsequently involved in the investigation and reporting of MLB. But among the 2017 Houston Astros, there were dozens of others involved in the situation of stealing the signs that rocked Major League Baseball.

“It’s difficult and unrealistic to assess player discipline for this type of behavior,” said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s findings and determination.

“I’m not in a position to make some certainty about which players should be held accountable, based on research records,” Mandfred added.

However, the statement was applied to Carlos Beltran. His last year as a player brought him the injured championship with his first World Series ring, Black Sox, Pete rose, And a steroid scandal that is part of the baseball chronology.

And after a few months, Carlos Beltran remained quiet after his record at Mets and his short managerial term. He was by no means a spokesperson, but he was not ashamed to speak in front of the media after a victory or a severe defeat.

Carlos Beltran has a baseball mindset. He deserves a second chance. Hinchi and Coke were given a chance. Steve Cohen of Sandy Alderson makes the call.

But the best closure is to hear from Carlos Beltran. Do it now, tomorrow, next week. And we all need to know, is Carlos Beltran in good condition with the Mets hierarchy?

Time for Carlos Beltran to step up to the plate. There will be no closure until he contacts us. Of course, Meta can consider and make the first call.

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