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Cécile Hernandez ne participera probablement pas aux Jeux Paralympiques de Pékin

Catalan champion Cécile Hernandez denounces the abolition of her event

She is the greatest champion of sports for the disabled in the Eastern Pyrenees, yet she cannot participate in the next Paralympic Games in Beijing. Cécile Hernandez, 47, three-time Olympic medalist, three-time snowboard world champion, saw your category removed.

An injustice for the athlete

Lack of competitors, The category of Cécile Hernandez (LL1, which refers to the lower extremities) has been eliminated. For two years, to continue competing, he was allowed to join other disability categories. But for the Games, the Paralympic committee let him know that this would not be possible.

“It’s totally unfair!” – Cécile Hernandez, triple Olympic medalist

“I am allowed to race with the girls in the world championships and not in the Games, even if they are the same organizations. It is a rage! Until today, I have won all the races. If I do not go to the Games, it is completely unfair”, throws the angry athlete at France Bleu Roussillon before adding: “Since I have been disabled, I have struggled to face the injustices of life. And there it is worse because I’ve been preparing for eight years. The Angles complex puts me money, the Federation puts a lot of money, all my partners put a lot of money and depriving me of the Games is also depriving them. The International Paralympic Committee is completely ignoring all the values ​​of presenting the best athletes, a value of inclusion, even more so in disability. It’s totally unfair. “

The French Handisport Federation, supported by the CPSF (French Committee for Paralympic Sports), took up the case and presented a resource. But the decision will only be made a few days before the Games. The Beijing Paralympic Games take place from March 4-13.