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CES 2021 Nvidia: RTX 3060 desktop, RTX laptop says it's better than Sony's PS5

CES 2021 Nvidia: RTX 3060 desktop, RTX laptop says it’s better than Sony’s PS5

This story is part of these, Editors bring you the latest news and hottest gadgets for the fully virtualized CES2021.

Autumn was definitely the era of desktop computers. Many gamers and tech industries are obsessed with desktop-class chips. AMD’s latest Ryzen Central processing unit, its latest Radeon RX graphics chip Or the latest of rival Nvidia RTX series chips.. In each case, the new chip has dramatically improved processing capabilities, making video editing faster, easier, and more detailed games for computers.

The reviewers praised the new chip, saying it also provided a meaningful upgrade to the previous one.And in the case of Nvidia, that entry-level RTX desktop chip is almost As much as the most expensive chips of the past..

Chip hype led to unusually high demand, and inventory shortages continued from early fall and were expected until this summer. Nvidia is trying to make enough RTX desktop chips for its enthusiastic customers, so the company used its presentation all-digital. these A tech show that also unveils the latest RTX desktop and laptop computer graphics chips.

The biggest announcement for desktop computer users was Nvidia’s new RTX 3060. The new chip, which starts at $ 329, aims to offer slightly lower specs than the company’s other RTX cards, including the RTX 3060 Ti, which starts at $ 399.

Nvidia’s latest entry-level chip, the RTX 3060, aims to captivate people with older generation chips. Nvidia said it will offer 10 times the performance of the 2016 GTX 1060 and twice the performance of the 2018 2060. Nvidia said the 3060 will be available in February.

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Nvidia has also announced a new chip for laptop computers. Among them is the RTX 3060 chip for laptops, which aims to run popular games such as Ubisoft’s Hacker Adventure Watch Dogs: Legion in standard 1080p HD. Nvidia boasted that the chipped laptop should run 30% faster than Sony’s just-released $ 499 PlayStation 5 video game console. Laptops with that chip should start at $ 999.

Nvidia said it built the RTX 3070 chip. It is intended to power high resolution 1440p (or 2K) displays starting at $ 1,299. The RTX 3080 chip is also aimed at providing gamers, artists, and video editors with more features starting at $ 1,999. According to Nvidia, the RTX 3080 is especially useful for playing esports games like battle games. Overwatch With Blizzard Fortnite From Epic Games.

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is one of the most popular computer products today.

Lori Grunin / CNET