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Chamber of Commerce in Mexico will register Covid vaccination passport in Ethereum

Key facts:
  • The digital passport validates the vaccination vouchers issued by the government.

  • The certification is aimed at airlines, hotels and restaurants, among others.

The National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (CANACO), chapter of Querétaro, jointly with the Xertify company presented a Covid vaccination passport registered in Ethereum.

The digital passport is available for those who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and will be issued by the chamber of commerce, as a validation of the official vaccination vouchers, declared the president of that business organization, Fabián Camacho.

The passport in question It is a digital certificate issued after validating the respective vaccination vouchers, and to register the data in Ethereum. Xertify, a company specialized in automation and issuance of digital certificates, provides the technological platform, he claimed Camacho.

«In the economic sector it is already a global trend, the request for vaccination certificates or passports to verify that someone has been vaccinated with any of the doses available worldwide and, particularly in the case of hotels, airports, for tourist destinations , cruises, “said the executive.

The passport, which has a cost of 400 Mexican pesos (MXN), which is equivalent to approximately USD 20, digitally protects the vaccination vouchers issued or endorsed by the government and converts it into multi-languages, said the president of CANACO.

For her part, the Xertify representative, Topaky Aguilar, explained that the main module of that company’s document management platform includes the passport generator and a control panel for their queries. There is a control the certificates issued and the various inquiries made about them, Aguilar stated.

Smart contracts: the key to choosing Ethereum

CriptoNoticias spoke with Danny Suárez, CEO and CTO of Xertify. We asked him about the type of blockchain used in the platform for issuing and managing digital passports. “We chose the Ethereum blockchain, because it allows us to build applications on its layer thanks to the creation of smart contracts,” said Suárez.

Xertify stores a cryptographic representation of vaccination certificates in Ethereum, Suárez points out. “This enables decentralized verification, indefinitely and reliably. Faced with an alteration of the document, no matter how minimal, the verification process will fail, “Suárez told CriptoNoticias.

Airlines and airports are among the organizations with the greatest demand for this type of health control. At the end of 2020, the authorities of the island of Lanzarote, Spain, announced their own control platform Covid detection at the local airport, based on a blockchain, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

On the other hand, a Mexican proposal for the traceability of vaccines against Covid, when they were still in development, Was awarded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in mid-2020.

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