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Chatham Girls Soccer remains perfect and wins the final home game before a long way to go


Sophomore Page Drona After lining up a free kick with Morristown, I stopped for a moment.

After hearing the subtle suggestions from Chatham Coach Gary Adair As a bystander, the drone spread the ball a little further-maybe an inch or two. why? That little extra space created a better angle, the drone was capitalized, and it bounced inside the box and dropped the ball into the net.

That play was just another example of how the team was coordinated in 2020.

Chatham’s opening round was delayed almost a week at the beginning of the month after the school’s athletic program was closed due to COVID-19 concerns. On October 6, the Cougars entered the field for the first time after defeating Monville. Since then, Chatham has been invincible and is now 7-0.

He defeated Morristown 3-0 on Friday to remain undefeated.

“When we finally got to play, that was the best we’ve ever done,” said the captain. Sophie Straka.. “The football season was the best time of the year for us. It was very disappointing when it was pushed back to us, but during the week everyone stepped into the ball and stayed fit. And I knew someday. I was ready and back. To be honest, I felt like I didn’t miss the beat. “

This start is similar to how Chatham started in 2019.

But the end of last season was tough, injuring the cougar.

After the start of 5-0, Chatham stumbled on a record of 9-7-2 overall. This included a non-winning stretch of six games by the end of the year. This season’s team aims to avoid such disappointment and has senior leadership that continues to bring victory to Chatham.

Straka, who leads the team from Midfield, said, “I now seem to be grateful for every match, knowing that it could be the last match. One of the reasons we experienced that decline last year. The club is injured. This year everyone is sticking to taking care of their bodies. Every little thing will help them succeed in the long run. ”

The 2020 Chatham calling card was the hustle and bustle.

The cougar has a strong midfield and no one embodies how Chatham plays beyond Purdue’s commit. Elizabeth Droner, Page’s sister. The senior’s motor never stops, and she always appears to be around the ball, whether it’s setting a score or chasing a loose ball in the midfield.

Her statistics are modest: 5 goals, 7 assists.

However, these numbers do not reflect the impact of drones on victory.

She isn’t afraid to be physical to win the ball, and it’s not so surprising to see the drone leave the field on an ice lap at the end of the game. The drone always keeps the field calm and doesn’t hesitate to pass the ball backwards or play into the space to find the right play.

Goals and assists are just a by-product of her football IQ.

The drone played a great offensive match against Morristown, scoring when he encountered a rebound and returned the ball to the net.Senior also set the second grade Ashley Kirnan Assists in the first score of the game. Both Drone and Keelnan have five team high five goals this fall.

“Every play is important and the little things are important. If you’re back in the race to stop the defender, that might be the beginning of the goal. It also keeps other teams scoring. It may be something that hinders you. You never know. Every move and every play is very important. Some of those plays may not be recognized as goals, but that is within the team. It does not mean that it is not recognized by. “

However, drones are not the only ones doing smart play.

Chatham has a technically sound team full of playmakers, and the distribution of attacks proves that. This fall, 10 players scored at least one goal.Drones and Keelnan lead the group, but Straka Coughlin Coughlin, Olivia Garman And Remy McEnroe There are also two goals for each.

“We are the most talented we have had for a long time,” Straka said. “It’s no longer kick-and-run soccer like it used to be. Everyone knows how to play, so I play very well by working together. There are so many goal scorers, so only one. Not because everyone is connected and can do it because everyone trusts to play right. “

There are two weeks left in the regular season.

Chatham will play in all five games during that period, including a match against Group 2 champion Persipany Hills. The way they play, the cougars aren’t worried about hitting the road.

There’s still a lot to play and Chatham isn’t going to take his feet off Gas.

“It would be a little different, and you would always have a little advantage in playing at home, but I’m confident in our team,” Droner said. “Just because it’s another area doesn’t mean we’re going to change the way we play or stop what we’re doing. Even if it’s on the road, we get stronger. I will continue. “

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