Cheating Issues Continue In PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known by the acronym PUBG, is the most played game on Steam. It reached two million simultaneous players every day and owing to its popularity, is a constant target of hackers.

Cheating in China

A news release by the game’s creator, PUBG Corp., in the Steam community showed the details of an issue. On 26th April, The Company said 15 suspects were arrested in China for developing hacking programs and mediating transactions. These people have been fined $ 5.1 million.

The investigation conducted jointly with Chinese officials, showed that authorities have also found traces of a malware in the source code for stealing personal data from users. That is, anyone who used any cheating programs may have had their personal information stolen by the program developers in the process.

Credits: Bluehole, Inc

In the past, PUBG has banned more than one million players in January. The title has also received updates in recent months to prevent activities of hackers. The last one was in February that used to scan the user’s computer files and didn’t start the game if a third party program affected the game’s performance. The anti-cheat tool also acted on other non-malicious programs, such as audio or video recorders.

This hacking problem is quite serious. Those who cheat seriously ruin other player’s game. Recently we have seen that the players also risk their personal information getting stolen by the developers. The culprits who develop cheating software, apart from making money illegally, also take advantage of the Trojans. In the future, the authorities in China will continue to search for further developers of fraud programs.

Dell encouraging Cheating?

A couple of weeks ago there were also rumors that Dell, one of the most popular computer manufacturers in the world, has come to sponsor a new laptop. The laptop was aimed at the Chinese market as the best to run specific plug-ins for PUBG, where the plug-in is a “friendly” term to describe unauthorized hacks, cheats, and mods.

It was clear that the whole thing had sparked a lot of controversies, and the same time Dell was forced to answer on the issue. They released a statement in which a spokesperson from Dell said that the slogan was used to highlight the power of the new G Series. He also stated that cheating does not reflect their culture or game strategy.

Credits: PUBG Corp.

However, the doubts still remain. Did Dell in China actually think it was a good idea to promote the new devices as top-level cheating machines?

Even Epic Games, home of Fortnite, is currently tackling this cheating phenomenon. These days they are pursuing a lawsuit against a 14-year-old. The boy is accused of promoting, distributing and encouraging other players to use cheating software through two YouTube channels.