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Check out a horror short film inspired by the eerie "Animal Crossing"

Check out a horror short film inspired by the eerie “Animal Crossing”

A short horror movie was screened YouTubeInspired by immense popularity Animal Crossing: New Horizons..

YouTube short is called Don’t look Created by Julian Terry..It’s based on the idea of ​​playing late-night games, especially Animal Crossing: New Horizons Early in the morning.

Don’t lookThe premise of is based on the concept that the game is integrated with the real world and all actions taken by the main character in the game appear in the real world. It won’t be long before things go in an ominous direction, just as the existence of another world bears fruit.

Terry told the user in the movie description, “Don’t watch and play with headphones. Animal Crossing Late at night”.

Check out the full shorts below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has already been incorporated into the real world many times this year. Back in June, KFC has opened its own island in the game, It’s a restaurant chain theme. I took a screenshot with him in the hope that the players would scramble and find the islanders dressed as Colonel KFC and win a bucket of eight pieces of chicken.

US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden also teamed up with Kinda Funny Games How to create an island inspired by Biden.. It was intended to promote candidates and encourage gamers to vote in current elections.

Nintendo recently released a revenue release for the year, It emphasized it Animal Crossing: New Horizons It was a big seller for the company. The game has been shown to have shifted 26 million copies since its release in March.

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