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China extends ban on games for minors to live broadcasts and social networks

RyanThePenguin wrote: ?Yesterday 14:16

As far as I’m concerned, you can ban social media everywhere.

But that would not be the right way either. I get what you’re trying to say, but social media is so much more than a weird influencer (to put it nicely). When I look at who I follow on Instagram, it’s a few friends and a lot of helpful pages on various science topics, sports, games, or news. It depends more on who you follow, so media literacy would make more sense than banning these outlets, which is almost impossible to implement anyway. Such a ban also has many negative aspects, see Russia, which is currently blocking Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and this news is also an example of the negative aspects of this prohibition or restrictions.
I don’t want to deny that social networks also have many negative aspects, because there certainly are, but the way you handle them is important. That’s where we should start and teach more media skills in school, or parents could do the same, as long as they are familiar with it and manage what their children do on the Internet. It’s not for nothing that the phrase “stop making stupid people famous” exists. If you didn’t pay attention to these people, social networks would have much less negative effects. Even then, there would still be the problem that you only get posts that confirm your own opinion and you are living more and more in a bubble, but you can also start there if you inform the users.
I don’t think it is necessary to say much about the news itself. It is clear why China increasingly wants to clamp down on independent opinion.