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Chrome 89 has added an “automatic subtitle activation” feature that generates subtitles from audio in real time, so I tried using it –GIGAZINE


Desktop version released on March 3, 2021Stable version of Google Chrome 89So it became clear that an “automatic subtitle transcription” feature was added that generates subtitles in real time from audio and movies played in the browser, so I tried to use what it actually looks like.

Google’s Live Captions feature is rolled out for Chrome desktop users

Google Live Caption is now rolling out to Chrome on the desktop | Android Central

This automatic subtitle upload feature was announced as a new feature for Android at the Google developer event “Google I / O 2019” held in May 2019.

Summary of 100 things Google announced at I / O 2019 – GIGAZINE

Google is working to introduce automatic captions to the desktop version of Chrome, and the beta version of Chrome released in 2020 secretly included the desktop version of automatic captions. However, the beta version of the automatic captioning feature is only experimental, and some bugs have been seen, so Android Central, which handles Android-related news, said: “The official launch of the automatic captioning feature carries time, probably after the second half of 2020. “

Actually, I tried to enable auto subtitle augmentation feature in Chrome (64-bit version) version 89.0.4389.82. Click on the menu icon at the top left of the browser and select “Settings”.

Then open “Advanced” in the left column, click “Accessibility” and turn on the switch on “Automatic subtitle transcription” to download the speech recognition file and the reading file.

As proof, Bill Gates talks about climate change.Climate and the developing worldWhen I play it on Chrome, it looks like this. A semi-transparent window called “Automatic Caption Transcription” will open in your browser and the voice will be transcribed in real time. Since Chrome’s auto-augmenting feature focuses on “movies and audio that play in the browser,” it’s a great point that subtitles can be added not only to YouTube but also to movies like Twitter and Instagram.

The accuracy of the transcription is quite high. However, the operation is a bit unstable and the text flickers in some parts that are difficult to hear …

In the next moment, it completely disappeared.

Also, Chrome’s auto subtitle upload feature does not appear to support Japanese at the time of article creation. With the automatic subtitle upload function activated, “Press meeting with the Minister of General Sugawa-Reiwa March 5 and 3It was repeated and interpreted in English, as “newly infected person” which is transcribed as “I think you are concentrating.”

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