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Chrome widgets available on iPhone

Chrome widgets available on iPhone

A dedicated Chrome Dinosaur Game widget can be added in iOS 14.

After a first version presented last September, Google presents a new version of the Chrome widgets for iOS. Nothing new in the program, unfortunately, but we will still notice the appearance of a new widget … entertaining.

Chrome widgets are far from revolutionary, but they are still useful. The first opens a new search tab and the second opens a URL. As for the latter, the Chrome widget offers players the famous dinosaur game from the Google web browser.

These three widgets are available in two sizes; a square corresponding to 4 icons and a rectangle that occupies 8 icon spaces. If the latter is particularly bulky, it offers several shortcuts, including a search field to type a URL or perform a search, a button to activate incognito mode, another to perform a voice command and finally, a last to scan a code. QR.

To see if these features will be enough to push users to add the Chrome widget to their iPhone or iPad home screen. The question arises more for the Dino game. Given the richness of mobile games, but also Apple Arcade’s offering, does Chrome’s little Easter egg really have any use as a widget? It is up to the users to decide.

To add one of the Chrome widgets to your iPhone or iPad, press and hold your finger on the home screen until the icons move. Then press the little “+” at the top left to open the widget gallery. Find Chrome and select the widget size you want. Finally press “Add a widget” and choose the place where you want to place it. Well that’s it.

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