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Citroen Ami Buggy Concept, electric quadricycle for adventure

The ultra-compact electric quadricycle Citroen ami, designed by the French brand to move easily and with zero emissions in urban traffic, it has been reinterpreted in a version dedicated to leisure and adventure.

Is named Friend buggy concept, is the original prototype presented by Citroen explore new contexts of electric micromobility and whose style is inspired by alternative worlds to the automobile.

The words of the designer

The idea behind the project is to create a “functional and simple vehicle, in the purest spirit of iconic and contemporary industrial objects”, as the model’s designer, Samuel Pericles, explains.

“It is a proposal in line with Ami’s philosophy, which is not a car. For this reason, we seek inspiration in the world of construction games for the fun and functional aspect, in industrial design for the ergonomics and aesthetics that distinguish everyday objects, such as furniture, lighting, etc., and in fashion accessories, from children’s footwear up to glasses. “.

Off-road styling and equipment

The aesthetics of the prototype include elements typical of off-road vehicles such as knobby wheels, front and rear protection bars, headlight grilles, hubcaps, tubular protections on the sides and plastic fenders.

An adventurous spirit that is underlined by the presence of the roof rack and spare wheel on the roof, as well as the LED light bar, useful for night off-road excursions.

Citroën Ami Buggy Concept

Particular is the absence of doors, replaced by transparent anti-rain films with zippers to protect the passenger compartment in bad weather, easily folded behind the seats in special storage bags. A protruding roof was then mounted over the windshield to shield the sun’s rays.

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Specific solutions and accessories

The AMI Buggy Concept includes ergonomic interior solutions, specifically designed for the prototype, such as the new seats with 70 mm padding, doubled from the 35 mm of the standard version, and numerous redesigned storage compartments. There is a bag available that attaches to a magnet placed in the center of the steering wheel, specially hollowed out to accommodate it, it can also be used as a bag, if it is attached to the belt.

Citroën Ami Buggy Concept

To complete the equipment of the buggy-style electric quadricycle, a series of functional accessories dedicated to free time printed in 3D and therefore reproducible on request. This is the case of the support for fixing the camera, which can be removed by means of a built-in unlocking button, which allows it to be positioned at four different anchoring points located on the vertical profiles of the doors.

The exterior mirrors are adjusted thanks to a ball joint integrated in the clamping device and the smartphone clip, to the right of the driver’s seat in the production model, in the Citroen prototype it becomes a support of cylindrical design, equipped with a clamping wheel on the right side to hold the phone in place.