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Climate change: Bill Gates wants to recycle nuclear waste with a sodium-cooled reactor

Climate change: Bill Gates wants to recycle nuclear waste with a sodium-cooled reactor

The name of the place is Kemmerer. Wyoming’s ramshackle coal city will become a hotspot in the fight against climate change. Because by 2028 the TerraPower company will build a new type of nuclear power plant there. Which at the same time wants to create new jobs and new prospects for Kemmerer’s coal miners.

TerraPower? The company has a well-known founder: Bill Gates. And it has a well-known chairman of the board: Bill Gates.

One is known as the founder of Microsoft, the other as a philanthropist, the third as a global conspirator, Gates also has a side as a promoter of nuclear energy.

In 2006, together with the United States Department of Energy, it launched the company that aims to recycle nuclear waste with rotary shaft and molten salt reactors. The idea: Your sodium-cooled reactors need depleted uranium. This is intended to address two problems: the creation of new sources of energy plus a more sensible use of nuclear waste. According to TerraPower, there is still enough energy in buried nuclear waste around the world to supply electricity to most of humanity for a millennium.

Part of Biden’s Trillion program

Now, for the first time, a mini-battery for depleted uranium will be built. The location in the state of Wyoming was already known, but in addition to the name of the town, yesterday TerraPower also revealed ideas about financing and operation. Funds from Joe Biden’s billion-dollar infrastructure program are flowing into the nuclear power plant project, which is known as the “demonstration plan” – the Ministry of Energy assumes half of the $ 4 billion construction costs. dollars, the other half corresponds to TerraPower.

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After its completion in 2028, the energy company PacifiCorp will operate the power plant. That company, in turn, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate of Gates’ good friend Warren Buffett.

According to the announcement, Kemmerer’s molten salt reactor is expected to produce 345 megawatts in normal operation, expandable to 500 megawatts. So that would be about half the electricity a small city needs (plus). Or a little less than half of the production of the Gösgen nuclear power plant.

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This article first appeared in the digital offering of “Handelszeitung” under the title: “Bill Gates is building a nuclear power plant.