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Climate change, plant-based diets are a less popular solution


Two out of three people they think that climate change is an emergency that must be addressed immediately and decisively. However, only one in three people think plant-based diets should be encouraged. This is what emerges from the results of a survey conducted by the United Nations Development Program in conjunction with the University of Oxford, according to which only 30% of respondents indicated the promotion of plant-based diets as a measure to support.

Alabama People vote for the weather, dubbed the world’s largest survey on climate change, more than 1.2 million people from 50 countries participated. To reach the youngest, the segment of the population that cannot vote yet but will be most affected by the effects of the climate emergency, the questionnaire was advertised in games and applications for mobile devices. Result: of those who responded to the survey, more than half a million subjects are between 14 and 18 years old.

Climate change demonstration poster on a burning of industrial fossil fuels
Two out of three people recognize that climate change is an emergency that must be urgently addressed

Usually, 64% of people recognize that climate change is an emergency, with Italy standing out, along with the United Kingdom, with 81% of those surveyed responding this way. Among them, the majority (59%) believe that the world’s governments must urgently do whatever is necessary to respond to the crisis. Education seems to be the factor that most influences people’s views on climate: the higher the level of education, the greater the demand for urgent action against the emergency.

To the participants It was also asked what measures, in concrete terms, should be applied to combat climate change. More than half of people think it is necessary to adopt policies to conserve forests and lands (54%), exploit renewable energy (53%), orient the agricultural system towards more sustainable practices (52%) and invest more in jobs and “green”. companies (50%). The fight against food waste, on the other hand, was indicated by 43% of the participants.

The promotion of plant-based diets is the measure against climate change that has found the least support

Politics what found the least support among those interviewed was the promotion of plant-based diets, indicated by only 30% of those surveyed. This despite the fact that the contribution to climate change that conventional agriculture represents is now known, due to the emissions of gases that alter the climate and deforestation for the creation of pastures and fields for crops intended for the production of feed.

According to the document To illustrate the survey results, the low level of support for promoting plant-based diets could have several explanations. For example, alternatives to animal products may not be available in some countries, or their existence may not be widely known. In others, however, the belief that nutrition is a personal choice, in which governments and institutions should not intervene, may have played a role. But are we really sure that more sustainable diets and lifestyles will be able to spread to the population even without proper promotion?

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