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Cloud gaming, touch controls, Xbox fridge progress, and PC gaming

New Sunday and new episode of Xbox News. Has your week been busy and you haven’t had time to follow all the announcements? Don’t panic, we’ve put together a summary of what you shouldn’t miss! And things happened.

We’re getting off to a strong start with cloud gaming finally coming to iOS and Windows 10. In fact, it’s mostly in beta that the service comes across browsers. The first players who had access to it received a message in their mailbox informing them. In addition, we are preparing an article for you about our feelings about this new experience. Also in the same vein, it was Phil Spencer who responded to a request from a player following this announcement. Many gamers want PC games to come to the cloud gaming service. The person in charge of Xbox reassures when specifying that this will be the case, focusing attention at the moment on the console titles. We continue with an update that you should have received on your Xbox mobile console and app. The successes mark their return and a new section has appeared that allows you to directly join your friends in an Xbox Game Pass game. Also, there are now more categories and a new button to pause all downloads. We continue with the end of Xbox Live Gold for free titles effective Wednesday. Xbox is now aligned with what is practiced in the competition. An opportunity for more cross-save titles?

We leave you the surprise to discover the other news in the Titouan video. Have a good week everyone!

Xbox News n. 49: Best Xbox News April 19-25, 2021

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