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Collets are buffed by Proactive Supercell. But what about Clash Royale?


Collet Buffed: While one of Supercell’s games suffers from serious negligence, another of their hits is Apple in the eyes of the company.

Yes everyone! I’m hit. We are talking Clash Royale And Brawl star.. Supercell has released major new updates to the latter almost every month since last year. This makes the community very happy and happy. They were also very quick to correct mistakes.

Proactive supercell.

Supercell released them The latest browler, collet, For this season’s game. However, she was not well accepted by the community. Her statistics were quite disappointing and her utilization was low.

Supercell didn’t waste a minute to accept their mistakes. In fact, they released a new update within a week and honed her mind. Error fixes are part of a series of mid-season balance changes published by Supercell two days ago.

Balance change: Collet buff.

Of all the balance changes and bug fixes made, as we mentioned, Colette was the focus of attention. Super fixed damage has doubled from 1000 to 2000 and main attack is 2% stronger. This time she does 37% damage instead of 35%. The development team also increased her share. The damage from the main attack is 200 to 500. An additional buff has been added to the gadget (currently 37% damage).

The development team also used Poco’s new skin to bring some minor bug fixes to the store. They added the missing Brawl Pass icon to his skin. An 8-bit starpower and audio bug has also been fixed. However, most of these other are small changes in quality of life, not big news.

What does this mean for Supercell’s future roster?

Brawl Stars, meanwhile, is receiving updates rapidly, while Clash Royale received a major update for the first time in two years last month. But even that is a deadlock problem with more disadvantages than advantages. Clash Royale’s Supercell development team seems to have slowed down. Broll’s deck, on the other hand, is more sophisticated.

So it’s no surprise that Clash Royale is demoted from a marquee position on the Supercell roster within a year. As many now claim, it certainly does not die. The game is too good for that. However, Clash of Clans will probably be added to the respected but forgotten list of OG games that keep breathing quietly in the background. Brollstars, on the other hand, steps up to make all the headlines, as they already do.

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