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Colombia, one of the countries in the world that least trusts the Police

Colombia, one of the countries in the world that least trusts the Police

Saying public order index measures the perception of personal safety and people’s experiences with crime and law enforcement.

Although in the region the perception is negative, globally, 71%
of people trust their local police. This means an increase in confidence registered in 2019, when that indicator was 69%.

However, in Latin America the Policeman it is not well stopped. The recent widespread social outbreaks and the responses of the institutions in their countries, framed by complaints of authority abuse they have undermined trust.

The indicators are telling, since there are countries in which less than half of the population believe the uniformed and Colombia is not the exception. These are the countries in the region that least trust the Police:

  • Venezuela: 26%
  • Bolivia: 35%
  • Mexico 38%
  • Peru 43%
  • Chile 52%
  • Colombia 55%

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On the other side of perception are nations like Uruguay, which has the best perception of the Police with 75% of those surveyed. They are also El Salvador and Costa Rica, with a favorable image of 69%.

But the study not only stays on the issue of approval of the Police, it also indicates that in general Latin Americans do not feel safe walking alone on the streets. In fact, in Venezuela only 31% of those consulted feel calm walking on the street.

This image is diametrically opposite to that of countries like United Arab Emirates, Norway and China, where more than 90% feel safe.