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Colors for the home | Warning about a new hacker message circulating on WhatsApp: “Be careful, you fall into a trap.”


Technology specialists have warned about a message from hackers that recently circulated on the popular messaging site “WhatsApp”, where the trick is to offer gifts to users of a world-famous company, Amazon.

Experts highlighted the need for WhatsApp users to avoid clicking any suspicious text, especially those that have recently spread, about the existence of a recent fraud that includes an Amazon link that asks users to enter some data in a questionnaire.

The reward is a giveaway from Amazon, like the new Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G smartphone, but experts say the link is actually a fake data collection campaign. After logging in, you will not receive the gift, according to the British site. Sun.

The misleading message from Amazon includes: “You have been selected to participate in our survey, it will only take you a minute and you will receive a wonderful prize. Every Tuesday we randomly select 100 users to give them a chance to win incredible prizes. This survey has as an objective to improve the quality of the service to our users and their participation will be rewarded. ».

The message bears the “Amazon” logo, and also includes a warning to the user that they have less than a minute to start the survey, as well as a guarantee that the number of prizes is limited.

The truth of the WhatsApp hoax message

The fact-checking organization “News Meter” clarified that after contacting Amazon customer service, the company told them that the organization had not advertised any such offer and that the link was fake, and that they were just fake links.

How to avoid phishing messages on WhatsApp

There are many fraudulent methods used by hackers to obtain your data as users. واتسابTake control of your phone, but you can avoid it by doing the following:

You should always be careful with links or media files sent by strangers and should not be pushed.

Avoid clicking on forwarded messages from friends as they may unintentionally transmit an insecure message.

Avoid tempting offers that are hard to believe.

Do not enter any data to strangers via the Internet.

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