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Colors of the motherland | An infallible trick to view WhatsApp messages and photos without the sender knowing

A hidden manual trick, which technology experts say is “guaranteed”, allows iPhone users to preview an image or message that is sent to them through the popular instant messaging platform “WhatsApp” without having to than to open the chat, as a message with a picture can be displayed. without showing the sender that you saw it.

How to open a message or a photo on WhatsApp without the sender knowing

Unfortunately, this cheat is only available to users. IphoneCurrently, it can be used by going to WhatsApp and logging out of all chats until you return to the main chat window, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

Then select the chat you want to preview by pressing down and swiping left, then you will see an option called “More” pop up on the side, click “More” and then choose “Export Chat”.

From this option you can attach media to chat and export everything, then click “Save to files”, this means you can save all images sent in chat in one area of ​​your device, as well as all chat messages, then go to the section where you saved the chat and read it.

Other tricks to read messages and view photos without the sender knowing

Most people try to prevent blue marks from appearing on the sender by turning on Airplane mode, which turns off the data so they don’t know واتساب The sender says you read a text message they sent, but this method is not good because once you turn off Airplane mode, blue ticks appear, which means you need to stay offline.

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Read receipts can also be turned off entirely, by going to Settings, Account, Privacy, and scrolling to the bottom to turn off the blue ticks, but then you won’t be able to see if someone has read a message you’ve sent you.

If you have a recent iPhone model, you can take advantage of something called 3D Touch. The screen has an additional layer of touch sensitivity, so by pressing hard on the screen, you can open up new options.

If you tap once on a WhatsApp chat you will be taken directly to Messages, and if you tap and hold the chat you will get a full screen preview of what’s inside.

This allows you to read about 12 of the most recent messages sent in this chat without activating the blue WhatsApp ticks, and once you are done, simply release it and you will be returned to the main chat window.