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Column: Why the revival of the college football franchise is more than just a video game


I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

It’s been almost eight years since my mom took me to the store last time and I was able to buy the latest ones. NCAA football Video games. I usually came out around my birthday, so I wanted it every year.

If you’ve ever flashforwarded, your roommate will run up the stairs, knock on the door, and ask if you want to jump into Call of Duty. War zone And I’m beaten by an 8-year-old kid who plays games more than I do.

“No, I’m fine. There are some things to do.”

Instead of tackling the endless challenges you have to do, turn right, pick up your controller, turn on your Xbox 360, and see if you can lead Akron to the national title.

The EA NCAA Football video game franchise has stopped because NCAA and EA have been criticized and sued without compensation using athletes’ names, images and portraits.

After eight years of absence, enough work has been done. Come back..

When I opened Twitter and watched the news, I had no choice but to scream with excitement.

How much money do I need to save each week from the salary of a small student journalist to be able to return to myself 14 years old for a while and soon be able to buy new consoles and games by this summer I started to calculate.

For me, this game was more than just a game, it was a hobby. When I spent the night at each other’s house at 2am on Friday night and did a mascot mashup, that was the way I connected with my friends. That solidified my love for soccer games. That’s what taught a short, lean kid like me how to play soccer and how the game works. That may be the reason why it’s exciting to see the team running the triple option in college football.

This game series was my childhood.

It’s also the game that led Boston University to eight consecutive national titles, and returned when he was depressed about something while living in a quarantine with limited internet at home. did.

I loved this game, so I convinced the editor last fall to interview the people of the Minskoff Pavilion about the game.

The release of this game is also another step towards finally getting what college athletes deserve in return for names, images and portraits. The game does not include a portrait of the player from the beginning, ESPN report, When the NIL issue is finally resolved, it may be included in the game.

Athletes are used by NCAAs, schools and organizations to benefit from playing without spending money on their talents. College students like me can benefit from writing what I write about athletes, but they can’t because of the entertainment they produce other than scholarships.

When New law And these games like resurfacing are finally coming to an end for college athletes who just want to profit from their abilities.

This moment is a milestone for all athletes and children of my age group. Athletes who grow up in games want to see themselves in the game and play like they did, as they dreamed of as a kid.

This game for all kids who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s means more than just a video game, hoping they will be the next game on the cover, every moment of childhood We have regained and brought great meaning to all.

It may seem ridiculous to react to video games like this as an adult in many ways, but the kids inside me have to jump for joy.

By the time this game is released, I’ll be over 21 years old and will be able to cover Michigan State University’s athletics in a long-term relationship at college and buy his own alcohol. But when the game is released, it’s almost the same as when my mom last drove me to GameStop about eight years ago.


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