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Conclusion of the test readers on the portable gaming speaker.


psalm64 I tested LG UltraGear GP9 not only on PC but also on laptop and Sony PS4 and was able to use it immediately without installing drivers. The tester disabled UAC 2.0 in the application to operate on the console. Community member was able to achieve the specified runtime of about 5 hours at around 50 percent volume in the test confirm, but noted that the device cannot be charged via USB, but only via a regular socket.

n!Faculty he describes the LG UltraGear GP9’s sound as “clear and undistorted,” but says bass sounds “without much pressure.” Community member feels the mix of default standard presets is “perfectly fine” and recommends the FPS preset for first-person shooters, and the perceived more enjoyable RTS preset for others games. in your report the community member states that when using the built-in microphone, side and background noises, as well as sounds played in parallel by the GP9, are reliably suppressed.

resistance praises the easy-to-understand microphone status display, but would prefer the configuration options, especially for connected headphones. The community member also finds it a shame that the built-in microphone only works in speaker mode. Therefore, it is not possible to use the microphone in combination with the connected headphones. The community member praises in his position the simple switch between speakers and headphones by pressing a button on the device.

depugno finds the LG UltraGear GP9 interesting for gamers who frequently switch between desktop PCs and laptops, as the speaker can easily be taken from the desk to the sofa. Despite the small dimensions, the tester certified the Ultragear GP9 as having “good side clearance” in terms of sound reproduction. The community member revealed in the test reportfor using the portable speaker on a second PC and when camping in a mobile home.

ric84 says the RGB lighting “looks great,” but wishes it was possible to set it up without an app. Community member would have liked additional effects or synchronization with other RGB LED lit components. Simple pairing via Bluetooth was in the test It is used to improve the sound when playing in the garden with the smartphone. As a test, ric84 also connected the portable gaming speaker to the TV using an optical cable. Of course, the compact GP9 doesn’t replace a full-fledged soundbar or floorstanding speakers in terms of sound, but the tester believes that the RGB design can be easily integrated into the TV’s motherboard.

arrah has some suggestions to improve the successor models: Community member suggests in your test for example, that an optionally connectable subwoofer would be a useful extension. The gaming speaker would still be portable, but could offer more bass and volume in stationary use. For the built-in microphone, arra would like a gain or sensitivity controller to achieve a higher level of recording.

Warning: The originally planned test contingent of five devices was increased to six after the end of the application phase. Therefore, six instead of five members of the community had the opportunity to test the LG UltraGear GP9 and post a review on the PCGHX forum.

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