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Cool! Do you know who is viewing your Facebook profile even after the crash? Check it out – Marathi News | how to find who visited your facebook profile

Navi Delhi – From Facebook It is widely used. Here people share their information minute by minute. But there are often some pitfalls in our social friendship. After this, people block each other. However, some of them are sneaking up on their profiles. We are often curious to know exactly who is viewing our profile. Now this is easy to understand. If you have an iPhone From Facebook You can check if someone has seen your profile by going to Privacy Settings. Other users can take the help of a desktop computer or a laptop.

The first method

– First log into Facebook on the desktop.

– Now right click anywhere on your timeline and press View page source code or CTRL + U.

– Now search for BUDDY_ID in the search bar by pressing ctrl + f.

– You will get a 15 digit code along with BUDDY_ID.

– Search by copying this code and typing ID (15-digit code) in the browser.

– Now your profile will open directly. Who has verified your profile with this ID.

The second method

– The second method is that you can take the help of the Chrome extension for this.

– You can see who has seen your profile by downloading extensions like Super Viewer for Facebook in Google Chrome. A Hindi website has reported on this.

Oh wow. Now it’s up to you to decide who will comment on your post; Great feature brought by Facebook

Many people often comment on a public post on Facebook. There are some people who don’t like comments at all. So we block those people right away. Facebook will fix this user problem soon. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company, will soon bring a new feature where users will be able to make decisions about their public posts. Users can now decide who should and who should not comment on their posts. Facebook users will also have the option to sort and browse their news feeds using the feed filter bar.

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Summary in English:
how to find who visited your facebook profile

Web title: how to find who visited your facebook profile

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