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Cool Games You Don’t Want to Miss Out On


The gaming industry is a machine that has been pumping out new titles constantly. Studios have been creating various games that have taken gaming to the next level. In the array of games, there are certain titles that stand out which is why they have gotten so much attention. So, if you’re looking for cool titles to enjoy, then here are some suggestions:

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Wild West has been an inspiration for lots of movies back in the day, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the games inspired by this historical period. You’ll get to hop on a horse and go from town to town looking for various quests to complete. If you’re feeling tired, then you can hit the nearest saloon for a drop of whiskey and some card games. Poker was pretty prominent back in those days.

Poker is rather popular today as well. It’s a game that lots of people play at casinos and on casino sites. Websites like offer many versions of this card game. The site offers other versions of table games as well, and some slots too. The main thing to remember about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

But don’t take poker lightly in Red Dead Redemption 2 because you might lose some money in the game. Money that you might spend on gear to make your cowboy better. You can also try your hand at cheating, but be ready for either a fistfight or a gunfight if you’re caught.

The Batman Arkham Series

Superhero games are mostly fun but don’t come with a gripping story. The Arkham franchise changes this because it lets you play as the Caped Crusader himself. Batman’s backstory is pretty tragic and DC has always had a darker shade when compared to other superhero stories. You’ll get to visit the Asylum, the City, and many other areas in these 4 games. You’ll see Batman as a newbie and as a hardboiled crime fighter by the end of Arkham Knight. Also, you’ll get to trigger cool gadgets and even drive around in the Batmobile. These 4 games are too good to be missed out on.

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

This is similar to the previous entry because all the games of this franchise are pretty good. They draw inspiration from history and they take you through various periods. You’ll be introduced to 2 factions that have been against each other since their inception. These are the Assassins and the Templars, and you’ll play as both during these games.

The games will take you to ancient Egypt, Italy during the Renaissance, Istanbul, the USA, and many more places. You’ll witness and take part in the War for Independence, the Hundred Years War, and plenty of other events. By far the most popular character you’ll meet is EzioAuditore and he’ll accompany you from Assassin’s Creed II through Brotherhood and finally Revelations. But the other characters have their perks too.

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