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Corsa al Colle, the games seem to be over. But watch out for the “Cesarini area”


If just a few days ago the race for the Quirinale still seemed very uncertain, today everything suggests that Draghi will really go up the hill. The risk that a second-floor commander could climb onto the bridge of the tricolor ship, which takes the helm without a real compass, has accelerated over time. The chances of Draghi being on board have increased enormously, even as many on the center-right (and beyond), starting with Silvio Berlusconi, continue to say that the current prime minister must remain at Palazzo Chigi until 2022.

During the last week there have been some precise signals in the pro-Draghi version: in addition to the desire expressed by Mattarella himself not to be available for a possible encore, even if it is of shorter duration, despite the insistence in this regard on the part from the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, Supermario’s statements have also arrived. Who, speaking with the children of the Roman suburbs, said that he too is looking for his way. An indirect way of answering the big question: am I going to go up to Colle or not?

Confirmations of potential candidates

Beyond the statements of the great protagonists, I also had some direct confirmations. In fact, I spoke with two potential Quirinale candidates, Romano Prodi and Pierferdinando Casini, and they both came out pretty much in a very elegant way. In fact, both have told me that they do not feel in the race because, except for unforeseen events of the last hour, it has already been decided who will be the next tenant of the presidential palace: Mario Draghi. Prodi and Casini are from Emilia, but I really don’t think the two have spoken to each other in the last few days to develop a common strategy. The truth is that his analysis is almost the same: the great challenge is being resolved in favor of Supermario.

A conviction, that expressed by Romano and Pier, that serves to clear many of those mists that had previously accumulated in the Colle. Above all, Prodi has more than one reason to be more cautious: in fact we all remember how the professor, on the occasion of the votes that later led to Mattarella’s election, was sensationally shot by snipers.

Surprises still possible

Be careful, however, not to believe that the “toto nomination” cannot reserve some other surprise, because the highly probable white smoke for Draghi will immediately open up an equally great unknown: who will replace him at Palazzo Chigi? An especially burning issue considering the delicate task that will await the possible successor of Supermario with the fourth wave of Covid and the South African variant.

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