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Corsair K70 RGB Pro Mini Review


If luxury means being able to convert money ($200) into space and freedom, then the Corsair K70 RGB Pro Mini is a really good luxury product. However, there is a certain premium deficit. In the end, the keyboard offers above all a comfortable gaming pillow.

Small design with six occupants

The K70 RGB Mini doesn’t offer space, it creates it by saving as many keys as possible. The reduced width increases comfort, as when using the mouse and keyboard at the same time, the arms can now be held more bent.

The functions of the deleted keys are preserved as a combination of keys. Proprietary variations and additions are possible via the Corsair keyboard or software. Macros, media controls and normal input can be programmed at the FN level and as a shortcut with five other keys, giving a total of six levels of functionality.

It feels faster for players.

Corsair promises freedom through wireless operation via Bluetooth on three devices and via radio. If the supplied receiver is used, the votethe rate can also be doubled to 2,000 Hz. If that’s not enough, data can be transmitted over a USB-C cable with a maximum of 8,000 Hz; 1000 is normal. That the keyboard is aimed at gamers, gamers and gamers is a character trait that can hardly be overlooked.

With a cable, a maximum of 7 ms can be saved. Plus, there’s reaction time, button pressing, and signal processing to output, but no noticeable improvements. Wireless runtime is also gaming station magic: a maximum of 200 hours is achieved without key lighting, up to 32 hours remain in fine print with key lighting on. That’s still plenty, especially without power-saving tricks like turning off the LEDs in certain situations. The keyboard stands tall like a gamer full of energy drinks.

Free button selection

The game buttons are, as manufacturers often suggest, smooth, linear buttons. Models with a pressure point are equally suitable, but they have an office image in marketing. Because Corsair wants to appeal to gamers, the K70 comes with either Cherry MX Red or MX Speed ​​from earlier activation. The latter feel significantly snappier, but tend to false-activate when fingers are carelessly placed. This peculiarity predestines it for use in games where at least the perceived agility can be very pleasant. After getting used to it a bit, you can also type texts on the buttons, not faster, but at least it feels faster.

Ultimately, however, Corsair makes the decision on the buttons completely free of charge after purchase. Due to the hot-swappable plugs, they can be easily removed with the included clip and replaced with any button on the MX-series design. Gateron, Kailh or Razer models, among others, are compatible with it. Cherry Button Sets will be available from Corsair. It is not necessary to change all the buttons at once. Mixed configurations are also possible, for example to separate individual keys or areas.

As a result, wild mixed setups are also possible.
As a result, wild mixed setups are also possible.
Corsair uses durable double-shot keycaps made from PBT plastic
Corsair uses durable double-shot keycaps made from PBT plastic

This freedom includes keys. Using a standard design makes sharing easy. Sets are available online from various vendors, but also from Corsair itself. However, the change is just a matter of taste. Reasonable PBT caps are already installed on the button seals at the factory.

light is mostly ok

A central feature for gaming is also the colored light. The uniform illumination of the keys is complemented here by a circumferential light strip which, due to the shape of the case, has the effect of “underbody lighting” that is visible in the dark. Halos usually remain hidden from a normal perspective. It should be used “regularly”, but luxury products are on thin ice. If you like flashing effects, you can combine them in 20 levels and get your money’s worth thanks to the extensive software.

Corsair places the labels directly above the LEDs.
Corsair places the labels directly above the LEDs.
However, the decorative strip shows visible halos.
However, the decorative strip shows visible halos.
In the dark, the LED strip provides
In the dark, the LED strip provides “underbody lighting”

Like any other compact keyboard, the K70 Pro Mini connects status displays to the LEDs on the keys. For example, the enter key can use a combination of keys to display the battery status, the shift key the Caps Lock function and the connection status.

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