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Cowboys Gameball: Yes, I decided to give one after losing to the Browns.

Cowboys Gameball: Yes, I decided to give one after losing to the Browns.

After a game like sometimes Cowboys 49-38 loss Browns.. It’s hard to see positive. Dallas is tanking the first quarter of the 2020 season, and everyone with a deep-rooted interest in the Cowboys is in a bad mood. Still, hand out the game balls and look for the silver lining.

There are several candidates, all on the attacking side of the ball.

You can insist for Dak Prescott With his 502 yards and four touchdowns. He was the first to throw more than 450 yards in three consecutive games. He did everything he could to bring the Cowboys back and almost took him there. On the one hand, we need to remember his failure in the pocket that accelerated the Cowboys’ downfall (not entirely his fault, we understand). He also had quite a few passes, which are good candidates for interception. Prescott It was a very good game, but in this case we’ll look elsewhere.

Amari Cooper Another good candidate. He made 12 catches and touchdowns at 134 yards and ran with a 2-point conversion. Cooper is PrescottFavorite target this year and so far Cooper There were no consistency issues that appeared in the previous season. He is off to a very strong start. But we are taking over him too.

Instead, play the game ball Ceddy Ram.. This is partly aware of the young rookie breakthrough-he recorded his first touchdown as an NFL receiver. In fact, Ram scored twice that day. He also climbed 79 yards in five catches, continuing a strong start to his career. Wide receivers are famous as NFL slow starters, but Ram seems to have belonged to them since the first game.

The average lamb is just over 77 yards per game. Extrapolating it in full season, he has 1,232 yards as a rookie. That would be astounding. Ram also threw a 27-yard punt return for a good way to help Dallas get out of the hole.

Due to his consistency and breakthrough to the end zone, CeeDeeLamb got our game ball.