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CPU, GPU and RAM: Do you optimize your gaming PCs with the help of OC and UV?


The processor and graphics card, as well as the main memory, can be optimized with the help of overclocking and undervolting, but is it really worth exploring the limits and testing their stability? Or do you prefer to run your hardware conservatively and stably within manufacturer specifications?

Fine-tuning today’s computer systems is always easy, but the days of really big jumps in performance are behind us.

Do you optimize your PCs for gaming?

Even gaming PCs with the latest hardware can be further optimized with the help of overclocking and undervolting, but are OC and UV still popular with you and really worth the effort? Or do you operate your systems according to manufacturer specifications?

In particular, the processor and graphics card, as well as the main memory, offer the greatest target for optimization through overclocking and undervolting, but which components do you optimize?

When optimizing your hardware, do you use overclocking or undervolting? Or do you even use the symbiosis and efficiency of both?

To optimize the PC for gaming using OC and UV, gamers can proceed the classic way through the BIOS and use the UEFI UI or use manufacturer and third-party tools like AMD Ryzen Master or MSI Afterburner.

BIOS or system tools, which approach do you think is better?

By far the most complex work steps when optimizing a gaming PC are exploring all limit values, sometimes by CPU core, individual parameters and time, as well as the final stability test and validation with the help of tools, reference points and daily loads.

Features for Auto-OC/-UV of the CPU, GPU and RAM, such as Auto-Curve-OC from the new AMD Ryzen Masters or the OC Scanner from MSI Afterburner, should help. Tools have also tried to automatically determine the best parameters when overclocking main memory.

Do you laboriously explore all the limits and parameters yourself, or do you rely on the automatic OC functions of various tools?

One of the next Sundays, the Sunday question will be dedicated to the topic of main memory and its JEDEC specifications, XMP profiles and the RAM OC manual. How are you running your RAM?

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