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CrossCode may be set in the distant future, but in many ways it’s a completely retro game. This 16-bit top-down action RPG combines classic 90’s SNES graphics with Zelda-inspired puzzle solving with a more modern sensibility and gaming appeal.

When the protagonist Lee logs in to the future MMO Crossworld, it’s actually an in-game game similar to Sword Art Online. In the game, you’ll level up, join factions, and make friends, but there’s also a deeper story and truth to reveal Lee’s origins and her purpose in the world.

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CrossCode is beautiful and gorgeous, boasting vibrant 16-bit SNES-style graphics and a rich soundtrack inspired by 90’s RPGs and JRPGs. As someone who grew up playing FINAL FANTASY, listening throughout is an absolute pleasure, and music really praises the world completely. Dedicated to recreating the atmosphere of the 90’s, everything just appears on the screen and I’m here entirely for that.

It continues through the amount of text you will read throughout the adventure. Writing is interesting and interesting. And there is a cast of attractive characters to deliver it. It does a great job of mixing the feel of a classic RPG and the modern direction of MMO in one interesting package in the story.

Inspired by the 2D Zelda games of the 90’s, the game mixes combat and puzzle solving, but with a significant increase in action. Using a combination of physical and ranged attacks, Lee faces several different types of enemies designed to test his skills. What makes CrossCode’s enemies interesting is that many of them cannot be defeated with simple hack and slash tactics. Most have certain defenses that need to be understood in order to hit a critical attack that causes more damage.

The system fits perfectly into the CrossCode style, making each battle feel much more attractive and further enhanced by encounters with many bosses in the game. Each has its own set of actions and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to understand them. Some encounters feel like they last longer than necessary, which is exacerbated by having to start the whole fight again if you die, but the bosses are fun and in many dungeons of the game. Brings a pure sense of challenge.

One of the most interesting factors is how ranged attacks work in and out of combat. In combat, you’ll see your ranged attacks use analog controls similar to those found on twin stick shooters. These attacks can block projectiles, acquire critical attacks, damage enemies, and even bounce projectiles off walls. Outside of combat, this same system is used in many of CrossCode’s puzzles, using ranged attacks to flip switches and remove barriers. You have to use the same system for both playing methods, which makes your progress very efficient.

The platform is also an important element of each dungeon and players have to complete many acrobatic puzzles. This is where Zelda’s influence is most noticeable. In each dungeon, you can defeat enemies, open doors, and find new abilities and upgrades. You won’t feel like tearing the Zelda series. It’s like paying your own membership fee for a series that changes the game with great puzzle design.

Similar to traditional MMO games, CrossCode has a loot system that allows players to upgrade Lee with new weapons and equipment. There are also new abilities and attacks that Lee can learn as the game progresses, all in her skill tree. There are plenty of customization options that players can choose from and how to build Lee in a particular playstyle.

The most striking feature of CrossCode is the world in which it is set. Straddling numerous zones and towns, games within the game world are a vast and vast collection of biomes that are an absolute pleasure to explore. This is where platform elements are most prevalent, and many items are hidden between platforms. With a little quest and help from a good level of design, there is always a hidden way to find it.

Review the code provided by the PR Hound. Crosscode box version It’s here..

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