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Cyber ​​attack affects Banco Popular customers

Cyber ​​attack affects Banco Popular customers

The Popular Bank of Puerto Rico is located informing some of your customers about a cyber attack that an external company that provides services suffered and that impacted files with personal information.

As confirmed by Popular to Puerto Rico Metro, your network and systems were not impacted by the incident and they have not identified fraudulent activity related to this event.

“The incident involved a vulnerability in an Accellion, Inc. application used by our provider for the secure transfer of files for its clients, including Popular,” the bank said in written statements.

In the letter sent to the affected customers, in addition to notifying them about what happened, Popular coordinated with the Experian company to provide them with a subscription to a complementary credit monitoring service, known as IdentityWorks, for a term of two years.

“This product helps our clients detect possible misuse of their information and provides identity protection support focused on identifying and immediate resolution of identity theft“, they pointed out.

Popular urged customers who have received such a letter Notifying them of the cybersecurity incident, to access the page

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