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Cyber ​​attack on Continental: Hackers capture 40 terabytes of data

A North German company is under attack by hackers again: After the Hamburg copper group Aurubis was seized last week, another large company today reported a cyber attack, with a major data theft.

In the attack on the Hanover-based car supplier and tire manufacturer Continental, hackers got their hands on a huge amount of data. In August, the Dax group made the attack public. On Monday, the company admitted that data was also leaked.

The pirates allegedly demanded money from Continental

The investigation with the help of outside experts is ongoing, it said in a statement. “Meanwhile, this investigation has shown that the attackers were able to steal some data from the affected IT systems, despite the security precautions put in place.”

In August, the group announced that no data had been encrypted on its own systems and no ransom requests had been received. Apparently, according to information from the “Handelsblatt”, the hackers then asked for money. According to information from the newspaper, there should be a data volume of 40 terabytes.

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Hackers often use two ways to extract ransom after a data attack: In many cases, they encrypt the data on company computers and render it useless until the encryption can be reversed for ransom. In addition, they often threaten to publish sensitive data, as is now the case with Conti. (dpa/mp)