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Cybercrime: Internet and media:

Cybercrime: Internet and media:

Cybersecurity experts have warned of an impending massive attack on Russian accounts. Izvestia writes about this.

DeviceLock explained that access to the switch of one of the mobile operators was sold on the darknet for $ 30,000, and cybercriminals will use a mobile communication vulnerability that will allow them to intercept SMS for authorization in banking applications. With a high degree of probability, the buyer was a native of the CIS countries.

Clarifies that account holders with the highest balances and connected online banking, data on which data has already been collected or will be obtained by “breaking” customers, may be subject to attack. Since criminals have been preparing for such an attack for about a month, therefore attacks should be expected during the May holidays, when most Russians will weaken control over their accounts.

23 of March It became knownthat cybersecurity experts have discovered a series of attacks on smartphones and computers. Google’s Project Zero specialists said an unknown group carried out a series of attacks on users of gadgets based on Windows, iOS and Android. The two most important campaigns were carried out in February and October 2020. The total number of victims is not reported, but experts estimate their number in millions. The report said the attacks were made possible by so-called zero-day vulnerabilities. This is a type of malware or flaw in operating systems against which security algorithms have not yet been developed.