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Cyberpunk 2077 gets another hotfix patch


The second patch after release is a hit Cyberpunk 2077, There are issues such as fixing bugs that cause crashes and stopping quests. Hotfix 1.05 was released overnight on the console, and developers say “follow immediately” on their PC. But I haven’t seen it yet. CDPR also provides an intriguing note that wants to support people who create mods, but I think there are many other tasks to check before reaching mod support.

The· Cyberpunk v1.05 patch notes List dozens of bug fixes, including numerous bugs that interrupt the quest. In addition, DumDum should stop following the V. The crosshair should stop prolonging on the screen. The 4-core and 6-core AMD Ryzen processors should work a bit better. Processors that do not support AVX instructions will not crash at the end of the prologue. Also, the RTS reflection should not be so strangely bright. Oh, there are many, see it all for yourself in the notes.

One interesting note: “Deleted the memory_pool_budgets.csv file”.Some players are playing around with the numbers in it and reporting Greatly improved performance.. But no matter what people thought was happening, CDPR “had nothing to do with the final version of the game and had no effect (the remaining files used to estimate memory usage during development). It didn’t affect the amount of memory. It was actually allocated). ”So why did some people report a 50% FPS boost? “The perceived performance gain after editing the file may be related to the restart of the game,” CDPR said. eh!

CDPR also states that it has removed the debug console “to prevent features that could lead to crashes and blocking quests.” Isn’t this trying to save people from their curiosity? Hmm. “This doesn’t mean we don’t want to support the mods community,” they add. “Look forward to the details about it.” If you enjoy it for so long, your mate’s eyes will be square.

“Soon” is an ambiguous launch window for PC patches, but you can say that you are using v1.04 on Steam.

The hotfix doesn’t mention the fun bugs I just heard today. If the saved file becomes too large, it will be damaged., Often caused by many crafts. Some people say Savings will be slower than 6MB and will be corrupted above 8MB. If you’re crafting a lot, make sure you have a safe save to fall back. Oh, my save file has already reached 5MB. And I haven’t honed enough crafting skills to actually make good equipment.

our Cyberpunk 2077 Review We call it “big, beautiful and broken mess.” is.Enough Sony pulled it out of the PlayStation Store Because they opened a refund.Still, we like enough to put it RPS calendar At least it’s a very flashy walking simulator.

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