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Cyberpunk 2077 save files can get corrupted if they get too big

Cyberpunk 2077 save files can get corrupted if they get too big

I can hardly go anywhere on the internet without seeing yet another wild, Cheerful and humorous, Or What a strange bug From Cyberpunk 2077..This is a buggy game and the developer CD Projekt Red has already been released two Hotfix Try to solve some problems. But one problem that is starting to pop up isn’t interesting at all. Some players Cyberpunk 2077 If the saved file exceeds a certain file size, it will be corrupted (via Eurogamer).

If your Cyberpunk 2077 If the save is corrupted, when you try to load the game, you will be prompted “Cannot load because the saved data is corrupted”. The appearance is as follows.

You will be prompted for corrupted save data Cyberpunk 2077..
image: support documentation

The cause of the save file corruption is not clear, but it can occur when the save size reaches 8MB. If the 8MB threshold is exceeded, one Redditor save file will be corrupted. In their test.. There are also multiple people on the CD Projekt Red forum report It their Saved files larger than 8MB are corrupted.

The support documentation for corrupted save prompts CD Projekt Red says “Unfortunately, the save is corrupted and cannot be restored.” To avoid the prompt, the company recommends using the old save and “reducing the amount of items and crafting materials”. ..

Theoretically Cyberpunk 2077 If the save file is larger than 8MB, I spent dozens of hours playing the game and collected a lot of items.If the save is corrupted because you picked up too much (in-game) Messy (I have something to pick up), I know I’m very disappointed.

CD Projekt Red states that the file size limit “may increase in one of future patches” support documentation.. However, even if that increase occurs, the currently corrupted save files will remain intact, the document states.If you is Moderator of CD Projekt Red with corrupted storage official Cyberpunk 2077 forum Provides some suggestions on how to load backup saves that you can try.

studio I promised Release two big patches Cyberpunk 2077 Next year: One in January and one in February. Perhaps the company will make changes to these patches to prevent file corruption. CD Projekt Red did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Verge..

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