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Dairago, open the voting of the participatory budget

Ballot box opening for the second edition of the participatory budget in Dairago: From Monday, February 1 to Sunday, February 28, citizens aged 16 and over will be able to vote to decide how to spend the 40 thousand assigned by the municipality for the initiative choosing up to three of the ten projects presented.

The proposals were collected between July 14 and August 14 of last year. In recent months, co-design work has been carried out, to the point of defining the range of ideas on which citizens are now called upon to express themselves. Possible alternatives include: a bike-pedestrian path in the section of via Toti between via Giovanni XXIII and the cemetery (4 thousand euros); a series of interventions on the existing paths in the Parco delle Roggie with a related information campaign, especially with reference to Via Francisca del Lucomagno, a gaming application and the use of technology (30 thousand euros); an open space in front of the library with benches, chairs, loungers, umbrellas and mobile shelves, equipped with mushroom heating for winter and the renovation of the internal loan desk, with new shelves and a comfort zone for children (15 thousand euros); apicnic area in the park of via Toti with fountains, benches, tables and baskets (30 thousand); new trees in piazza Francesco della Croce (6 thousand euros); a basket and the limit of the playing area in the cemented area of ​​the park in Piazza Francesco della Croce (5,000 euros); a anti-trauma flooring for the patio of the Rossetti Martorelli nursery (8 thousand euros); new racks near the bus stops (4 thousand euros); new baskets for the selective collection of dog waste and excrement in public parks and streets of the town (8 thousand euros); three luminous exhibits in Piazza Francesco della Croce, near the cemetery and near the town hall (25 thousand euros).

Last year, Dairago’s participatory budget surveys had awardedidea of ​​a park with natural facilities for children in the green area of ​​via Toti and, as foreseen by the project, a cable car and a wooden play area with a natural floor were installed.