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Dark mode does not always make sense: arguments against

Dark mode does not always make sense: arguments against

Dark mode fans swear by the benefits it brings. On the one hand, there is the lower power consumption, which means that the batteries of smartphones and laptops would last longer. Although I am absolutely in favor of saving energy everywhere for the good of the environment, the facts have to be correct.

Dark mode savings just add up OLED screens because the off pixels are turned off individually and thus do not consume power, but this is only noticeable at maximum brightness.

Also, many apps and programs don’t use black in their dark mode, but instead use shades of gray, which means pixels aren’t completely turned off, even with OLED technology. a LCD screens there is hardly any saving effect, since the backlight is permanently active.

After all, there’s still the argument that dark mode would be nice to look at. Here, too, I can only partially agree: If you mainly work on PC during the day, dark mode can put even more strain on your eyes, for example if the backlight outside is glaring or the sun’s rays They drop on the cell phone display – but you’d have to get outside for that hike.