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date and new features will drive gamers crazy


September will be a very hot month. The updates to Android 12 and iOS 15, the iPhone 13 and WhatsApp with the multi-device (up to 4 simultaneous accounts) are awaited with frenzied passion, in the world of video games Pokémon Unite will be launched, the MOBA game launched in July for Nintendo Switch, which will also be available to all Melafonini and Green Robot lovers.

Pokémon is a video game series created in 1996 by Game Freak (Adobe Stock)

It was the Pokémon Company that shared the announcement of urbi et orbi, during a live broadcast thanks to which you know that you will be able to pre-register for the mobile game on iOS and Android devices, receiving a notification when it is officially available for download.

Pokémon Unite, the peculiarity of the free game always remains the support for cross-play

Pokémon Unite, the new version will be released on September 22 (Adobe Stock)
Pokémon Unite, the new version will be released on September 22 (Adobe Stock)

Whether you play Pokémon Unite on a mobile device or on Nintendo Switch, the game will offer you a multiplatform to expand an important function, that is, the choice of both partners and opponents. By linking your account in both the Switch version and the mobile game, you will be able to have a “cross progression”, which will allow you to play with your data and characters saved on the device that is most convenient for you.

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A 9.8K Twitter post of hearts and 406. The Pokémon Unite chirp is music to the ears of all fans of little monsters born from the genius of Satoshi Tajiri. A #PokemonUNITE hashtag that reveals the release date, September 22. With many new features, first of all the battle of five against five, like a basketball or futsal game.

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The choice is from a diverse cast of monsters, which will drive gamers crazy. Charmander is a good full melee fighter, for example, while Venasaur it is best for ranged attacks. There are support characters and those designed for defense. In a nice twist, many of the creatures will be able to evolve throughout the game. It will certainly be fun and exciting to start small. Gible Squat down and finish the game like a towering one Garchomp.

Mother the most interesting aspects Pokémon Unite is where it differs from the traditional MOBA. For starters, instead of trying to destroy your opponents’ base, you are scoring points. To do this, you must defeat the wild Pokémon that appear in the arena. It is similar to how MOBAs normally work, but it is also much easier to understand. And the system also adds a new feature: if you are killed, you will lose a large part of the points you have accumulated, complicating the plans of each team and individual player. However, the feature that makes this free game attractive is always the support for crossover play, allowing players on both platforms (Switch and mobile) to challenge each other. In addition, by linking their Nintendo or Pokémon Trainer Club account, they will be able to enjoy shared progression, so they can start a game on the console and continue it on their smartphone or tablet, and also keep their save data. The rest will take place on September 22.

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