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Dating software shakes the vaccine

Dating software shakes the vaccine

In the United States, several states have not received enough doses of the coronavirus vaccine, and making an appointment online is a chaotic experience. A new report from the MIT., try to analyze why almost a year from advent of the pandemic, the US Center for Infection Control and Prevention appears to be unprepared for vaccines.

According to the Report, although it was a fact that what was needed was the creation of a one-size-fits-all Center – for patients, healthcare, workers and government officials – the US CDC decided to spend $ 44 million for something called “Vaccine Management System” created by the company Deloitte , which has proven so difficult to use that some states are now trying to create their own vaccine distribution systems and vaccination appointments.

Health professionals in Connecticut, Virginia, and other states say the Deloitte Vaccine Management System is known for its unreasonable appointment cancellations for vaccination, for unreliable entries and problems that … throw employees out of the system. The CDC acknowledges the problem, says it is trying to find solutions, but on the other hand, it blames those who try to make an appointment to get vaccinated!

But they are not the only older people, they obviously have less familiarity with technology – who have a problem with the vaccine management system: in many cases, medical center employees cannot make appointments for people who want to get vaccinated – and give up effort

As is often said in the MIT Report, the system “does not work with internet browser, but only with him Chrome. Also, the “next move” button, the next one, does not appear if someone tries to make an appointment via mobile phone. If a person is over 75 years old, it is practical impossibility make an appointment through the system without technical assistance ”

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