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Dauntless Call of the Void Update Launches June 11

Dauntless Contact of the Void Update Launches June 11

On June 11, the Call of the Void material update arrives in Dauntless on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Laptop, and Swap. Dauntless is cross-platform, so if you want to check out the new stuff with buddies on a distinctive system, you can!

Call of the Void is all about darkness, specially the void component and umbral monsters. Players can tackle the Umbral Escalation, a type of randomized gauntlet that spots you versus all forms of behemoths from in the course of the video game, potentially with an umbral tinge to their movesets.

In Escalation, you get to select special capabilities from face to come across, so that provides even a lot more variance to every single run – you never ever know what you could combat, but you also in no way know if you will luck out with a uncommon talent. At the end of this Escalation occasion lies Thrax, an very harmful umbral entity that moves fast, hits hard, and calls upon the void by itself (hey, this could be related to the articles update identify!) to choose down adventurers.

Thrax, whilst pretty challenging, will come with amazingly impressive potential rewards. Above the class of this material patch, gamers can develop passive powers as they endeavor to make it through the Umbral Escalation – so even if you happen to be not downing Thrax on day a single, you generate a continuous trickle of ability that should really make the gauntlet a lot easier more than time.