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Deep One: Gaming Subwoofer at The Lion’s Den


Lion’s den investor Nico Rosberg tests the Deep One portable subwoofer (Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

Making Bass Tangible: That’s the promise of Deep.One: Founders looking for a “deal” tonight at The Lion’s Den.

Anyone who has ever stood in front of a speaker in a nightclub or in front of a concert stage knows that bass can literally be felt throughout the body. However, this haptic effect can only be insufficiently simulated with normal headphones or surround sound systems.

This is exactly where the invention of Stefan Sube, Frederik Podzuweit and Stefan Mittnik comes into play: The three inventors are presented in VOX format this Monday night the lion’s den the Deep (correct spelling: For an investment of 200,000 euros, they offer 10 percent of the company’s shares; therefore, the valuation of Munich-based Deep Electronics GmbH is €2 million.

What was originally developed to allow deaf people to perceive music has become an extraordinary device that is also especially aimed at home theater enthusiasts and gamers, because music and sound effects are perceived much more intensity and therefore must be allowed to become more real, especially in connection. with virtual reality games. Some examples are the noise of engines, helicopter rotors, passing trains, trampling dinosaurs, or bumps and impacts in action games.

Deep One is a portable wireless subwoofer: The flexible band is simply placed around the neck and supported by two sensors on the collarbone, i.e. in the upper chest area. Four vibration pads translate sound signals into noise transmitted by the haptic structure in real time. Music, games, series and movies can be played with in-ear headphones or connected to headphones. Depending on the vendor, battery life over the USB-C cable is three to six hours; charging time is two hours.

The device, which is said to cost €299, has obviously not gone into series production since the broadcast was recorded and is therefore not yet available in the online store; instead, the founders request PayPal support. About him place is called:[llamado:“Due to the global chip crisis, we are unable to start production as planned. For this project to survive, you can support it.”

like the tone in the lion’s den You can see what happened and how the “lions” reacted this afternoon at 8:15 p.m. on VOX. The founding trio presents the Deep One in front of Ralf Dümmel, Carsten Maschmeyer, Georg Kofler, Nico Rosberg and Judith Williams.

Deep One is not the first startup to launch a gaming product in the lion’s den presents: In the previous ten seasons Lootboy (app), Kickbase (football manager), Zaunkönig (ultralight mouse) and the XXL Lymbio console, among others, competed.

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