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Demon’s Souls players find new clues in locked-room murder puzzles


The· Demon’s Soul Remake PlayStation 5 has a new mystery. A secret, tightly locked door not found in the original PlayStation 3 game.. There’s some kind of treasure behind that door, but the player hasn’t found a way to open it.What they do Have got What we found is another new layer of puzzles. This shows that developer Bluepoint Games cannot easily solve this mystery.

Here’s where to look for the answer: right after the PS5 Demon’s Soul Players released on November 12 have found a new door in the game. The locked door was behind a fantastic wall, and players tried dozens of solutions in an attempt to open the door. One of the popular theories was about the use of gold coins. Demon’s Soul.. (Blue point remake Wanda and the Colossus. There was a similar puzzle that required 79 collectable coins to open. )

However, collect a lot of coins and present them to the door Demon’s Soul It’s not working.Nothing — not even trying to reach the treasure by Break through the boundaries of the game world..

But recently, players have discovered something new. When the game is complete, a new option called Fracture Mode will be available that will horizontally mirror the entire game world. In Fracture mode, the player has discovered another new item, the Ceramic Coin. This particular coin will only appear in the game when the player reaches the Pure White or Pure Black trend level in Fracture mode. These ceramic coins are often hidden and often under a fragile box.

This is where ceramic coins become more interesting. Bluepoint has made it impossible to duplicate them in the traditional way. Demon’s Soul, Online players can drop items for others to pick up. When the player tries to duplicate a ceramic coin, Will break (But strangely, it retains its usefulness as a nominal healing item). That probably means that Bluepoint doesn’t want players to trick the way they collect ceramic coins, perhaps in order to earn a certain amount of ceramic coins. (There are 10 known ceramic coins in the world.)

I also have a player report That they were able to trade ceramic coins successfully Demon’s Soul‘Sparkle Crow, a bird merchant. If you offer a ceramic coin to Sparkly, who prefers shiny and glittering items, the player simply returns the ceramic coin. The exchange has led players to believe that they need to trade a certain number of these coins in order to get something desirable from the crow, perhaps the key.

The solution is Demon’s Soul“The puzzle remains unclear. There’s one thing for sure. Bluepoint lets players unravel new mysteries, as shown in this tweet for well-known members of the Soulsborne community. I enjoy doing it.

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