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Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Raid has been cleared and unlocked several new quests beyond the light


Well, man, it’s even hard to keep track of what’s going on here. It took about 6 hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypto raid was finally cleared.I believe When that happened, I was seeing the world’s first, Crotivity And his team will be officially announced on Monday to make sure everything is legal, Bungy said.

The raid took us deep into Europe, and, surprisingly, all the way to the huge space station.

And … come back again when the space station crashes into Europa and the battle with the shank version of Tanix, the pretty weird final boss, revives the final battle. Better than seen from Destiny.

You have enough time to go through it later, but first you need to talk about everything that has just been triggered.

If you go to Europa, you’ll find a new cutscene that occurs at the end of the raid. Not so many, but interesting and means that many new mysteries are coming.

There is a new quest from Variks. This is an actual mission I haven’t done yet, but it’s about to come.

There is a new quest from Exo Stranger and you have to kill things with the new “Eclipsed Zones”. This is a modified version of the current zone where debris is falling. I don’t know what else is different, but for now my map shows that Eventide Ruins is a zone. I don’t know if this will rotate every day. The reward for this current quest is the new European sidearm.

Finally, from the just-beginning Banshee-44, there’s an exotic quest for The Lament, the chainsaw sword.I’ve messed up this, but let me say it contains some wild Tradition. I don’t know how many steps the quest itself has.

So, as we’re talking about, we need to pursue at least three new quest lines. All of these are triggered by the end of the raid. I don’t know if something like the new Crucible Map has been unlocked, but I haven’t heard of it yet. But who knows it’s only a few minutes after clearing it? This is a very last wish and major changes will be made after the attack. I love doing all the new things.

You can keep watching your favorite players trying to beat the raid yourself, or you can go into the game and do a lot of this new thing and see what happens. See what we can do tonight and report some updates later. stay tuned.

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