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‘Destiny 2’ Wants A Indeed Or No Solution For A One Core Issue About Transmog


We are a 7 days and a 50 % away from the start of Solstice of Heroes, and you know what that usually means, another new armor set to get, one particular for every course, reducing vault room by yet another 15 slots except we delete other stuff or it turns out to all be ornamental.

For numerous gamers, vault place is a regular problem, and though sunsetting has authorized gamers to allow go of some weapons that are getting left guiding in phrases of electrical power amount, armor is a diverse tale.

Proper now, quite a few players are concerned to delete their favorite sets of armor from their vault because they don’t know how Bungie’s promised transmog program is going to perform in the long term. This is the approaching process that really should let any legendary armor set to become an ornament, fairly than just the handful of Eververse/Fight Pass ones we have now.

This week, DMG arrived out with a statement on reddit indicating that this week’s TWAB would probably be light-weight, and that “we know you want to listen to about items like transmog,” but reported he can only share facts when it is prepared.

Here’s the factor, we do not have to have a completely in-depth breakdown of how transmog is heading to get the job done nonetheless, we just will need a fundamental problem answered about the technique so we can get to cleaning out our vaults forward of the enlargement:

Will transmog call for you to have a physical copy of the armor in hand in purchase to change it into an ornament?

The way armor works in Destiny ideal now is that when you come across a piece for the to start with time, it exhibits up in your collections. But for most famous armor, you cannot pull copies of it from collections thanks to it being “randomized.” That has left gamers anxious about preserving their armor sets on hand, since no one wants transmog to get here and quickly you obtain on your own needing to re-generate say, an Iron Banner established that is not even in circulation anymore, or to re-operate a raid a dozen times to get a further comprehensive established from it.

I have expressed self confidence that no, I don’t consider Bungie would apply a procedure this punishing, and however I imagine we will need a simple sure or no, owing to the point that holding onto so several full sets throughout so numerous people is destroying vault house, possibly unnecessarily. I have now taken the plunge on the assumption this will not happen, but I know numerous persons are terrified to, and I never blame them.

There are two answers I can see listed here.

Preferably, you do not need to have a actual physical piece of the armor to start out the transmog approach. You can just go to collections and shell out some kind of currency or bear some sort of mini quest in purchase to make it a transmog ornament.

The back again-up approach to this is somewhat simple. Say for complex causes you do require an actual piece of the armor in hand. Well in that circumstance, just allow for all famous armor parts to be pulled from collections with minimum stats. We previously have this in spot for unique armor, which can arrive out of your collections with 48 foundation stats, terrible, but usable. All Bungie would have to do is use the exact identical program with all legendaries, and it would signify you wouldn’t have to maintain onto any piece of armor you weren’t utilizing in the activity. It would have undesirable stats, it would have no slot open, and but it might be the repair for the transmog system I’m conversing about right here. Surprisingly, quite a few sets currently permit for this, like most of the earth and faction sets. And still other sets like raid armor or the dungeon set or some older Iron Banner sets do not.

All we will need is Bungie to blink 2 times for yes, it is alright to delete armor you’re not making use of, and you can still do the transmog process for it later on devoid of re-earning it. Information previous that can wait around, but we just need an response to that basic concern.

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